Wednesday, June 7, 2017

And Next

UO Hat
American Eagle Jacket (2013)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress (ebay)
Nine West Boots (thrifted)
Balenciaga Bag (birthday gift, second hand on ebay)

I suppose I'm going two for two this week in terms of hated trends, off the shoulder and it's even more loathed cousin, one shoulder! GASP IN HORROR AND ADVERT THE CHILDREN'S EYES!  Seriously, if there's one thing that will make the *internet fashion police lose their marbles, it's one shoulder dresses.  (*And by internet fashion police, I mean the commentators on any fashion article.  WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE AND THEIR CLASSIC/TIMELESS/MODEST WARDROBE OF PERFECTION AND WHY ARE ALL CAPS SO ADDICTING????!!!)   Obviously, I need to stop reading the comments section - something I'd already stopped doing for political articles but thought silly fashion ones would be safe. 
Anyways, I rather like one shoulder dressed, I like the lines it creates and after reading a few fashion history books, I'm pretty bananas about anything with draping.  There's not a lot of drape in this dress but it is really well cut and I'm always appreciative when manufactures line up patterns.

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