Tuesday, May 16, 2017

10 Things

There was a really interesting thread about a week ago on femalefashionadvice (reddit sub) about what ten items you would replace right away if you lost your whole wardrobe. I always think it's really interesting to see what people use as a base for their closet and style and it made me think about what ten items I would want to replace if they were lost. (not counting undergarments!)
 1. & 2. A Leather Jacket and A Wide Brimmed Hat
Leather jackets are a staple for me and I love them in every silhouette - cropped, draped and a more classical fit. if I had to buy only one it would be a tough call between All Saints or Helmut Lang but I feel I would go with HL. The fit on my HL jackets really works for me, they staddle the line between basic and edgy outfits and can swing either way.It's rare to have an outfit without a hat for me, I'd say these are a large part of my style. My favorite and most worn is from Urban Outfiters and was $32 I think. I've had it for 4 years now I believe  and it's my most worn hat. Despite the low price, it's also my most durable!
 3. Black Ankle Boots
My favorite black ankle boots change from time to time, I'll wear the daylights out of one pair and then switch to another for a while. My top favorites range from the cheaper, my Ecote suede boots for $69 which are amazing boots, to Jeffrey Campbells at $100-ish to Rag and Bone's Margot and Newbury boots at $595. (I did not pay retail for any of these, the Jeffrey Campbell's and Rag and Bone boots were found on ebay for less than the Ecote boots.)
 4. A Black Maxi Dress
I love a colorful dress but looking back, it seems I get the most wear out of my black maxis. They, like my Helmut Lang jackets, are able to swing style-wise in which ever direction and all it takes is changing up the accessories.
 5. A Pair of Leather Pants
These may not be a very basic item for most but I love leather pants. I love them all,  red suede, navy leather cropped pants or plain old black leather leggings. They add just a bit of omph to an otherwise basic outfit. I did run into a few time this past winter when I realized that too much leather may be a bad thing - leather jacket, pants, boots and purse looks a bit silly on me so I  have to remember to step it back a little at times.
 6. Moto Boots
I really like the ease of pulling on a pair of moto boots  and being out the door, I feel they have added quite a bit to both my personal style and sense of comfort these past few years.  I love, love Rag and Bone's moto boots as fit and style wise, they are perfect for me.

7. A Maxi Skirt
These are another comfort thing for me, they are easy to throw on with a tee or an embroidered blouse and they can hit a great note in-between really dressed up and chill. I like either a plain black maxi or a colorful one, it's another way of scratching my bohemian loving side and they work with everything.

 8. Embroidered Blouse
Isabel Marant embroidered blouses are my kryptonite, the fabrics are so heavenly and the embroidery is really nicely done. I wear these with my maxis, short skirts, high rise jeans or leather pants, although I seemed to have only chosen images of me wearing them with jeans! I also really like Winter Kate embroidered tops as I've had only good luck with them and they are cut very much on the generous side.
 9. A Sweet Coat
I like a dramatic coat, what can I say.  They work for both sides of my style preference and they add a little extra to a really basic outfit.  My favorites are Helmut Lang coats as I think they are cute just beautifully with a lot of interesting details and the quality and fit isn't something I've been able to beat.  I also drool over Rick Owens' coats and have really enjoyed the wrap coat I found earlier this year, although I do wish the sleeves were of thicker material!
10.  High Rise Black Jeans
High rise black jeans, how I love thee.  J.Brand Marias, I love your fit but man, do we have our fits - why must you break down so quickly and make me repair you so often? (As of today, I have had three pairs of Marias, one that I repaired close to 20 times along the pockets and seams until I finally gave up because the material was just destroyed.  stay away from the Sateen material, it will only cause heartache.)  American Eagle's jeans may be cheap next to the J.Brand's but I would have to say that I pick them over the Marias almost all of the time.  They are sturdy and while the color does fade, I am only on my second pair in almost five years.  That's not bad.

So how about you guys?  If you lost your closet, what would you replace right away?  I was a little surprised to find that kimonos did not make my list as I thought they were a really large part of my style and while they hit right at number eleven, they didn't quite make it to the top.

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