Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sea Legs

UO Hat
All Saints Leather Jacket (ebay)
L.L.Bean Jean Vest (consignment)
Free People Dress
Rag and Bone Heels (thrifted)
Ecote Bag

It's so wonderful to have the sunshine and warmth back after what felt like the March that would never end nor warm up.  It's also nice not to have to wear five million layers and just toss a coat on as you go out the door.  I think this is one of my favorite times of the year, it's just warm enough that it feels great, you can still wear a leather jacket without dying of heat stroke and the tights can hang around a little longer.  It's about perfect in fact and while all winter I can't wait for sandal weather, as soon as it starts warming up I'm totally cool with tights. (It must just be that  I'm so happy to be warm that sandals aren't that important all of a sudden.)
However, I've completely forgot how to walk on dry pavement.  I was totally fine on the ice, no slipping at all and then I must have stumbled every three steps in these shoes.  Back onto the ice, no problem.  WHAT IS THIS DRY GROUND AND HOW DO I WALK??!

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