Sunday, April 2, 2017

Keeping A Favorite Modern



UO Hat
Helmut Lang Coat (ebay) Top(ebay) and Skirt (ebay)
Sam Edelman Boots (amazon)
Free People Belt and Bag (ebay)

Black is my usual choice for footwear so these bling-tastic boots are a little out of the norm for me. I love statement footwear in theory and am really excited to see that after what feels like forever of those two strap, minimalistic sandal heels being featured that there's more exciting shoes out. I can't really throw stones however, my black boots aren't always exciting!

I wore a mostly all black outfit for my first time out with these boots and while it's not my favorite (I think they'd look killer with leather pants or a maxi dress) I do like the extra visual interest they add. They match up with the belt pretty well as well. As a note on belts, I know they are considered so 2011-ish when everything was belted but I personally really like belts and use them fairly often in my outfits. A well fitting one works well for everyday life and doesn't move around so they work really well for me. They also help me by creating a long leg line/high waist which is one of my favorite silhouettes. I try to keep my belted outfits from looking too dated by wearing mid-width (rather than the super skinny belts of 2011 of the very thick belts from a few years earlier) and by choosing belts with a lot of visual interest. They are quite a bit different from the belt that were used in outfits from a few years back so that helps in keeping the look slightly modern appearing.

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