Monday, April 10, 2017

A Bohemian 10x10 Challenge

I had wanted to particapate in the Winter 10x10 but with the weather being -40F to -50f for a while, I'm pretty sure I was wearing more than 10 items at once and I really wasn't feeling like taking pictures. I know, I've gotten wimpy. Spring is such a great time for a challenge however and with blue skies and warm days only growing longer, I feel pretty energized. I am really looking forward to the challenge and I hope it will motivate me on a few items that I do not reach for often.  
The 10x10 challenge is to pull 10 items from your closet, not including accessories and sometimes coats, and create 10 different outfits for 10 days. (Hosted by Un-Fancy and Style Bee!)  I picked ten items with bohemian leanings and a few that blend into many different styles and hope to bring my boho style into it with accessories.

The Boots: Sandgrens' clog boot (c/o, Christmas 2015) and Rag and Bone's Newbury Boot (ebay) It is still very sloppy outside with all of the snow melting off and the mud piling up so it is not quite sandal weather for me. This clog boots were given to me back during the Christmas of 2015 by Sandgrens and I wore them quite a bit that winter and then as temps have warmer up, worn them a lot this spring. I really love these boots, they are easy to clean the mud off, they fit my wide feet comfortably and the leather is very tough and durable - perfect for Alaska's break up season! The Rag and Bone boots are one of my very favorite pairs as well, they are a very simple boot in terms of design but they work with almost everything. They too are comfortable for long days and I like having the contrast between a heavy boot and a boots with lighter visual weight in my 10x10.

The Bottoms: Vince Suede Leggings (ebay) and Justify Fake Suede Skirt
I love a good pair of leather pants, as evidenced by past posts, and these suede leggings will be a good plain bottom but with lots of texture. The skirt was a buy from Fred Meyer's a while ago and while it is not the most ethical choice, I do believe in making the most of what you have on hand, which is why I have not upgraded it for a more ethically made one. (When it finally bites the dust I might, but I do not foresee that happening soon. This one is quite durable with good sticking and it's machine washable.)

The Tops: Isabel Marant Embroidered Blouse (ebay) and Helmut Lang Draped Tunic (ebay)
This Isabel Marant blouse is one of my very favorite items, I've had it for a few years now and it is just so soft by this point! It's also been able to take a beating despite me regarding it as too precious the first few months I owned it - I now toss it into a laundry bag and have washed it in the washer without problems. The embroidery hasn't fallen out at all and yeah, I just really love it. I think will add a nice jolt of color and texture to the two bottoms. The Helmut Lang tunic is also one of my most worn items, it drapes so beautifully and I haven't found what it doesn't go with!

The Jackets: Helmut Lang Leather Cropped Jacket (consignment) and Old Navy Field Jacket (2013)
I wanted two very different looks in my jackets and once again while the Old Navy jacket is not the most ethical, I have had it for a while now and it is perfect for my needs. My Helmut Lang jacket is also a favorite and is worn quite often. The cropped length is perfect for my height, 5'2, and I love how it works with maxis, short skirts and pants.

The Dresses: Madewell Silk Maxi (ebay) and Free People Embroidered Dress
This maxi is another favorite item and again, an all star because of it's washable-ness! The color is described as plum and it's one of my favorite colors within my wardrobe. The Free People dress is one I do not wear often because of the odd trim along the sleeves that looks like a false waist. It throws me a bit when I try to style it so i thought this would be the perfect time to challenge myself on it!
The First: 1/10

10x10 Capsule Items: Helmut Lang Leather Jacket (consignment) / Free People New Romantics Dress / Rag and Bone "Newbury" Boots (ebay)Accessories Items: UO Hat(2013) / Leather Tooled Bag (thrifted 2013) / Fred Meyer Scarf (2014)

I wore the dress backwards this day, mostly because I love the print so much and because this is one of those weird dresses that fits either way. I wore my R&B boots along with my HL jacket for a sleek look and then threw on a belt and a tooled leather bag for some fun.

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