Thursday, April 20, 2017


10x10 Capsule Items: Madewell Silk Dress(ebay) / Old Navy Jacket Sandgrens Clog Boots c/o Sandgrens
Accessories: Free People Hat / Coach Leather Bag

This silk dress has a bit of a different vibe with the field jacket and the clog boots than it did with the piles of jewelry, leather jacket and sleeker boots. I will say that I wished I hadn't belted the dress because I don't really care for it here- I've belted it before and liked it but the belt feels like way too much in this outfit and it's not a favorite. I do kinda dig the green coat, I normally wouldn't have thought of pairing a green coat with a purple dress but because of the muted tone of the colors, I think it works. A simpler hat might have been better however, looking at the pictures now it just feels like a little too much and a weird step backwards my 2012 style. Which was...interesting. It was 2012 so piling stuff on was good but it wasn't something that feels really authentic to me for that time or now. I like drama in my outfits but I normally keep my hat simple and I usually wear a denim or leather jacket because those both what's comfortable and what I enjoy wearing. I suppose the lesson for this day for myself was don't try to reinvent the wheel and only pile on the jewels.

10x10 hosted by Style Bee and Un-Fancy

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