Wednesday, April 19, 2017


10x10 Capsule Items: Isabel Marant Top (ebay) / Vince Suede Leggings (ebay)/ Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)
Accessories Items: UO Hat(2013) /Cleobella Bag

Suede leggings again today but a bit of a different vibe. The temps have risen enough that a jacket is a little warm in the afternoon so I just wore the blouse for the 8th outfit. This blouse is one of my favorite, I love the loose fit, the embroidery and the material just gets better with wear - at this point it's so soft and lived in. I did do a crazy thing however.

I washed these suede leggings.

In The Washer.

And they live! Hurrah! Ha, in all seriousness, they were in need of cleaning and after quite a bit of goggling, I realized I could probably put in the washer on cold and a gentle cycle and then line dry them. what do you know, it worked like a charm! I did use a boot suede brush afterwards to brush the texture back a little but they feel pretty great. I don't like to be too precious about my garments because hey, I wear them in real life, but I also try to be respectful and take good careful of them which means mending and proper washing.

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