Wednesday, April 12, 2017


10x10 Capsule Items:Helmut Lang Jacket (consignment) / Madewell Silk Maxi (ebay) / Rag and Bone "Newbury" Boots (ebay)Accessories Items: UO Hat(2013) / Balenciaga Bag (birthday gift, second hand through ebay)

I realized there is the saying "take one item off before you leave the house" but with my outfit being simple and with the clean lines, I thought it was the perfect time to wear both statement earrings and a statement necklace and maybe some rings while I'm at it.  I do love chunky silver jewelry and I would say that because the jewelry is true to my personal style rather than being super trendy that it works. (Or at least I'm going to pretend it does!)

This cropped jacket is the perfect length for wearing as a topper for maxis. I am 5'2 which is normally regarded as "too short" for maxis but I wear them on the regular and would say they are a basic for me. I like the proportions the cropped jacket gives and then a sleek boot keeps the visual line going.

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