Friday, April 21, 2017


10x10 Capsule Items: Helmut Lang Jacket (consignment) / Free People Dress / Justify Suede Skirt / Sandgrens Clog Boots c/o Sandgrens
Accessories: Old Navy Scarf / Tootled Leather Bag

Speaking of going back to 2012 style, this whole "wearing a dress under a skirt" thing is very 2012! It was a popular thing on style blogs going back to 2008 when people would show all the different ways to remix your closet and this was a favorite trick. (I was looking through a Lucky magazine from 2012 the other day and they did 19 items, included coats and accessories, to make 45 days of outfits. It was really interesting to see how small changes do create a different outfit and to see that 19 items can go a long ways! I do miss those days of style magazines, they were a lot more fun to read.) I like this trick every now and then and I do love how the dress looks as a top but man, it's hard to tuck the skirt in and keep things from looking lumpy. I did wear it all day as this is a daily style diary and not a very fancy blog but I will admit that I wouldn't do it again. Note to self, this trick only works with very slim fitting dresses!

It's also the last day of the 10x10 and part of me is rather relived - I'm excited to get back to the rest of my clothes! It's been a great reminder however that I can go a long ways with a little but I also do not think I could be someone who has a closet of only 20 items. I will say that this challenge gave me new appreciation for this skirt, I feel like there's so many things to pair with it now and I am looking forward to some summer dressing. Our snow is trying to melt off and although the April winds are cold right now, it will soon be time for sandals.

10x10 hosted by Style Bee and Un-Fancy

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