Friday, March 10, 2017

Snow Beast

UO Hat
All Saints Jacket
Gap Skirt (thrifted)
Tank (super old, from 2007 I belive)
Rag and Bone Leather Pants and Boots (ebay)

You'll have to pardon my anxious faces in these pictures, I was watching for cars! Not only is it crazy embarrassing to get caught along this back road, it's also become somewhat dangerous between the icy roads and the inexperienced drivers. I've pulled out so many little cars right in this spot! The upside is that the rental cars are super light and I can push most out but for the ones that are really stuck, it's a beast. There's nowhere to hook a tow strap on those things! (I have been really proud of my Explorer, she's turning out to be a great little snowbeast and does a good job of pulling. She's an 2005 which is about my favorite year for the Explorers, right when they really nailed everything on them.) The Fairbanks area went through, and still is, a recession this past year and while there's been a lot of terrible things about this recession one amazing thing that's come out of it is how much Fairbanks's citizens are helping each other. We've always been a friendly city and pretty helpful on the roadside but it's really come out this winter. You know how often I've seen a tow truck hauling a car out of a ditch this year? I can count the times on one hand. People have really stepped out and bam, soon as someone's off the road and in the ditch, there's at least two cars stopping instantly and hauling out their tow straps. (There's even a Facebook page where people can post if they need help car wise and many volunteers whom will spring into action.) It's pretty amazing and has really fostered a sprit of generosity and kindness.

Outfit wise, I'm surprised I haven't paired these boots with these pants yet, they were made for each other! It's a lot of leather going on in this outfit and I think I'll be glad to switch to my denim jackets once it warms up a bit. The embroidered denim jackets were a trend last summer and it looks like they're going to be strong again this year which I'm really excited about, I love embroidered jackets!

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