Saturday, February 4, 2017

Winter Blues


Fred Meyer Cap
Vintage Filson Coat (Christmas gift)
J.Crew Sweater (consignment) over Old Navy Long Sleeve Tee
Vince Suede Leggings (ebay)
Leather Boots (no brand - thrifted)

The snow in the back is pretty deep by this point, I ended up sinking into a drift that was past my hips the other day.  Some of the snow is packed pretty hard from the windstorm we had a while back and you can't always tell where the snow will hold you and when you're going to sink in - as you can see in the pictures, I hit one such spot! I am grateful for all of the snow, everything is finally insulated from the deep cold.  Two inches of snow and -50 temps means the ground will take forever to unfreeze in the spring and pipes and septic tanks/lines end up breaking in that kind of weather.
I don't have a huge amount to say about this outfit, the Filson coat was a gift from my parents and for being just a wool coat with no liner, it is crazy warm.


  1. Gorgeous! This is one on my favorite looks!

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