Sunday, February 5, 2017

One Of Those Days


AEO Hat and Bag
H&M Jacket
Michael Michael Kors Sweater (thrifted)
Vince Suede Leggings (ebay)
Rag and Bone Boots (Christmas gift)

I could not figure out what was going on with my camera this day. the lens would not focus correctly, everything was blurry, the light was odd, the list goes on and on. It wasn't until I was uploading the pictures that evening that I realized I had it on a completely strange setting. D'oh! You would think that I'd have my stuff togther by this point but nope.

I haven't worn this jacket a ton as the weather has gotten colder but with the little warm spell last week I broke it back out again. It is a pretty good dupe for a Rick Owens jacket and it is really decent quality, the seams are well done and the fabric is a great fake suede. (Also, good zippers! Nice!) This sweater was a thrift store find and it's hard not to wear it every day, it's got a great drape to it and is easy to layer with. This winter has been the winter of finding great sweaters at the thrift store however, I have found so many fabulous, thick cashmere sweaters that it's broken me for retail shopping. Seriously, I think I've found more sweater this year than all of the years before combined, it's been that good. Our local consignment shops both closed down this summer with one turning into a "boutique" shop with items that don't really appeal to me. (RIP Fireweed Consignment, you were awesome.)

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