Friday, February 17, 2017

All Right Now

UO Hat
All Saint Jacket
Marni Cashmere Sweater (consignment)
Target Maxi Dress (thrifted)
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)
outfit is a mix of what magazines like to call "high and low" with the Target dress, American Eagle bag and UO hat and then the Rag and Bone boots and Marni sweater on the high end.  The big joke I suppose is that the American Eagle bag was the most expensive item of all, everything else was a really lucky find for $30.  (Ebaaay man, if you wait, it's amazing what you can find for cheap.  But it takes a lot of waiting.)  This target maxi was a thrifting find and while  can't say I'm nuts about Target at all (or maybe it's just that the Wasilla Target is a sleeping pill intensified and every other Target is amaz balls) but I do really like this dress.  It's simple, washable and is a great layering piece.  Nice! 

Still talking about those "high low" articles, I always end up laughing when the low item the person in question is wearing is from Zara or Topshop - I'm pretty sure I couldn't afford to shop full price at either of those stores!  I'm a probably not their targeted audience however, I won't buy at Old Navy full price and it was nuts going into stores in Anchorage and realizing that I kept thinking "hmmm, I bet I could find this on ebay for $10 in a few months, rather than the $150 they want now!"  

Normally Rag and bone boots are very comfortable for my feet, they seem to work for my foot shape and are really the only brand I look for now.  However, when these came I was a little worried because they hurt so much!  They rubbed the skin off all my toes, even with socks and were just little foot torture chambers.  After a week of wearing, they did end up breaking in and I'm relived they did but after not having to break in any of my R&B boots, I was really nervous.

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  1. That grey looks amazing. And I'm so impressed that you create all of these outfits from second-hand sources. :)


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