Friday, January 27, 2017

Sun for 6 Hours, Temps Above Zero, It Must Be Summer

Fred Meyer Cap
Rick Owens Lilies Coat (ebay)
DKNY Cardigan (thrifted)
Free People Dress (ebay) over Intimint Jersey Dress(thrifted) and Old Navy Long Sleeve Tee
Free People Bag (ebay)
Rag and Bone Boots (Christmas gift)

Happy Friday and Happy warm up Fairbanks! It's been bitterly cold here the past few weeks but today we are enjoying a heat wave of 17F and man, it feels awesome! It is just so nice to be warm again and I'm pretty sure my car is a whole lot happier about it.  
After looking through my year end pictures for the post the other day I realized I needed to break this dress back out again as I haven't worn it during the winter. I switched out the plain slip I normally wear under it for my Intimint jersey maxi which made quite the difference towards staying warm.  It was still a bit cold this day so I wore my trusty Old Navy long sleeve tee(from 2013 but they stock them very year) under all of those layers to help hold in some heat.  Fleece tights and a wool/silk blend cardigan under my oat and I actually felt pretty warm.   I'm usually petty cold indoors so all I took off was my cardigan and that kept me from over heating.  

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