Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Looking Back: 2016

I am a few weeks slow to this post but hey, better late than never, correct. *couph2015postthatneverhappened* I personally always enjoy reading reviews for the past year and seeing what outfits were favorites and which purchases ended up being fabulous.

Looking back, I can see that I had some major shifts in my style. I still love my bohemian outfits and clothes but still feel really drawn to the dark side. I love the black lace Free People dress and had some really great summer outfits with it but have felt too lazy this winter to dig it out. Clearly, that will have to change. Something interesting that I realized as I was looking through was that I don't really like dressing for the summer. Fall and winter? Love it, although I might complain quite a bit about the cold. I do really enjoy laying and I think that makes my winter/fall outfits a lot more fun where during the summer I just want to cover up. I guess I really, really hate shorts. Note for next summer, just wear maxi skirts, it'll be fine.

Ebay, thrift stores and consignment were my jam this year.  I bought very, very few things new from stores and shopped almost entirely second hand.  I added some really nice, normally very expensive items to my closet this year but for very little actual money.  I am really patient and managed to buy all most all of my Rick Owens items for between $20-$30 and my most expensive Rag and Bone Boots were my Christmas present pair which were $70.(I normally find them for about $30-$50 which is a great price for how nice of boots they are.)  However, things don't need to be expensive to be nice - I wear the over-the-knee boots pictures in the last photos heavily during the winter and they are a no brand, fake suede pair that won't die.  I also get a ton of wear out of my Old Navy long sleeve tee I bought in 2013, I wear it in almost every outfit as a bottom layer!

Marni Cashmere Sweater - This was from a consignment store in Anchorage and funny enough, I didn't realize it was a Marni sweater until after I bought it. I had a few moments to look around the store and this was one of three items I tried on and bought - I loved the fit, how soft and light the cashmere was and how versatile it was. It wasn't until I was looking at it at home that i really looked at the tag and realized it said Marni. Score! since then it's gotten regular wear, the lighter color helps break up all the black and it's just so soft.

Helmut Lang Leather Pants - An ebay purchase and one of my favorite things. These pants were super popular about four years ago and still rarely show up for a good price on ebay but four years of stalking and I found these for a un-heard of price. They are a navy blue which I like more than the black - like my Marni sweater, the navy helps soften up all black outfits.

Rag and Bone Boots- I. LOVE. THESE. SO. MUCH. Enough said, I wear these almost every day at work and try really hard not to wear them with every outfit. They are just the most perfect boots for me and I love how they work with every outfit. Also, really, really comfortable. And they look cool. (And drum roll....they were $45. Brand new, never worn. From $595. Mic drop.)

H&M Fake Leather Jacket - I bought this at the new H&M store in Anchorage and it was instant love from across the store. It looks just like a Rick Owens jacket and the fake leather is a really good dupe - it's great a great texture and will wear a lot better than most of the shiny pleathers out there. It also is really well cut, I'm pretty impressed with the seaming on this and it's a really great jacket from a budget store. 100 perfect love it.

Rick Owens Mainline Cardigan - I'd been wanting a maxi cardigan for a while and actually had talked myself out of a RO one before, thinking I could surely find a cheap one at H&M or the thrift store. I did not have luck finding one that really worked for me and I am really happy I did not buy any so-so ones and waited until I found one I loved. This is from the mainline of Rick Owens and retailed for some crazy price but I bought it for the price of an H&M cardigan and I feel really good about it.

Rick Owens Lilies Wrap Coat - This coat is so beautiful and another thing I'd been staring at for a long time on ebay. for some reason it never sold and I am really glad it did not because it's stunning in person. I do wish it was thicker and that the sleeves had the silk lining that the similar cardigan has but otherwise, love.

Rick Owens Lilies Dress - I saw this dress drop to less than $20 on ebay and bought it kind of on a whim. It's such a simple, plain dress but it's amazing. It fits me really well and I love the length - it's not something I normally choose but it's really good.

Acne "Donna" Boots - These are such fun boots, sleek but with a heavy does of western inspiration.

I wish I could throw in my "worst of" outfits but I felt like that was most of my summer outfits this past year.  As I said, summer apparently is not my strong point and I was really tired this past summer and didn't put a huge amount of effort in.  Looking back this does help me realize that I don't have to wear shorts if I don't like them, I really do prefer my longer skirts and tend to feel more comfortable in them so I don't think I will fight that this summer.  I think I am going to try to swing back towards having a little more fun in my outfits and no taking them quite as seriously, I miss my fun bohemian bags and bright skirts!

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