Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Flowers In the Snow

Fred Meyer Cap
Michael Michel Kors Sweater (thrifted)
Jacket (thrifted in 2013)
Winter Kate Skirt (ebay)
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)
Free People Bag (ebay)

A bit of a warm spell around these parts and I'm starting to feel perky again. I don't know what it is about the deep cold that takes it out of you but it really does. I enjoy reading about Arctic/Antarctic  explorations, turn of the century Alaskcana and mountaineering  and one of the common themes that's repeated over and over is how the extreme cold would just suck the life out of everyone and tasks that would normally only take a few mins to complete would take hours in the cold. Of course, the Artcic/Antarctic exploration books and many of the early Alaskacana books talk about temps down to -80F and when describing the gear that was worn, I can't help but feel pretty lucky to only experience -50F every now and then and to have modern winter gear. (The cold weather slops that sailors wore in particular, I don't know how any one survived. People were tough!)

My outfit was completely second hand, aside from my cap, which is a direction i've tried to take my closet in. I don't usually get super excited over what is offered in stores these days but that could also be due to not having many stores to physically go into! It probably doesn't help that after a few years of buying mostly second hand, through thrifting, consignment or ebay, that I've gotten rather cheap. I never want to pay full price because I know I can find it for far cheaper! (Most of the time....) This skirt is one of my very favorites but I've slowed down on wearing it due to the extremely fragile vintage cotton it's made from. All I have to do is look wrong at it and it rips. So far I've repaired it four times and I accidently put two really long rips in it right after taking these pictures, ugh. I can't help but repair it however, I like it far to much to just give up on it.

At the beginning of winter I evidently like to go through a dark phase where I will wear all of the black and gray and towards the middle I usually like to start breaking out my bright clothes again. I mentioned this skirt is a favorite which might be a surprise  if you'd started reading this blog back in October - it is a rather bright pink! I really like it with a chunky sweater and moto boots and in this case a fake leather jacket to keep it right within my style preference.   (This jacket is a old one on the blog, I've worn it for many years and while I do have some nice leather jackets, this one has survived many closet clean outs. It is easy to clean and has worn extremely well with none of the "cracking" most pleather develops after a while.)

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  1. That is an amazing collection of tourquoise!


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