Monday, December 12, 2016

Gogglefu It

Fred Myer Cap and Gloves
Scarf (made myself)
Rick Owens Lilies Coat (ebay) and RO Mainline Cardigan (ebay)
Winter Kate Dress (ebay) layered over Intimint Jersy Dress (thrifted)
Leather Boots (thrifted - no label)
American Eagle Bag (old)

This was a day we were doing a bunch of running around grabbing parts for my car, the waterline and the furnace. Whew, what a week it was - my car's temp gage started spiking and blowing cold air (and being a Ford those temp gages NEVER move) so at first I added more coolant and when that didn't work, we gogglefu-ed it and learned it was either a leak in a hose or the thermostat itself. (There were worse options but go with the simplest thing first) Ev ended up replacing my hoses and the thermostat, in -25F and fixed my power steering hose that'd decided to spring a leak, he is a seriously amazing and awesome badass! He also has replaced most of the parts on our furnace, fixed a split pipe under the house and hauled up the water pump and fixed the wiring on it - I just unclogged a ice chunk in the line. He's a pretty awesome dude and as I joke, well on his way to Sourdough status! In the past three years we've been able to keep from taking our cars into the shops and doing the work ourselves - we've saved thousands of dollars so far doing so and I have got to tell you, Goggle is the most amazing tool ever when it comes to problems. Even I can fix stuff with it and am usually pretty spot on with diagnostics!

Anyways, about the outfit. Lots of layers and lots of black although I tried to throw some blue in there. I like my outwear to "go" but not necessarily being matchy-matchy. I do this by buying everything in a black/blue/white or black/red/cream color way and even if they are not the same patter, there's enough similar-ness that they all work together. I've talked about these mittens before but man, they are awesome and keep my hands warm even on -35F morning when I'm poring fuel into the tank.

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  1. I'm in awe of you and all you do not only to survive but thrive in that Alaskan environment :).


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