Saturday, December 3, 2016

Full Moon On The Rise

Fred Meyer Hat and Gloves
Rick Owens Lilies Jacket
Free People Sweater (ebay)
Catherine M Leggings (thrifted)
Doc Martens (gift)
American Eagle Bag

Happy Weekend guys! I am trying to get more wear out of my black Docs but man, even after almost three years they are still a little painful.  I've done the walking around with really big socks trick and they get comfortable for a little while but if I don't wear them for a week, they are right back in pain land.  I've never had Docs take so long to break in, I don't know if I just a really sturdy pair!  My red Pascals didn't even need a break in period, they were comfortable right off the bat and my other loafer type Docs have never been anything but comfortable. 

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