Thursday, December 22, 2016


UO Hat
Scarf (made by me)
Rick Owens Lilies Coat (ebay)
American Eagle Embroidered Top
J.Crew Silk Dress
Jeffrey Campbell Boots (ebay)
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

This dress builds up so much static cling, even with a slip underneth! I know people have talked about a spray called Static Off and I am begginging to think I'm going to need some if I want to wear this dress - it's just redicuiously cingy otherwise. Of course, it might be me, I've been so staticy that the other day at work, I had a light arc travel between me and a light switch. Hurt like a bugger and was a little freaky and then I was doing it all day long!
This was an outfit worn to watch the kids' Christmas concert,  I wanted something a little more festive than my vibe as of late (black with a dash of grey or navy!) so this mulberry dress with an embroidered top over it seemed fun.  I am rally in love with m Rick Owens coat, it's a nice variation of a regular pea coat and is just "off" enough that it adds a little edge of alternative to most outfits but it also blends into "mom" outfits as well.  The top over the dress isn't my favorite thing ever, it feels a little fussy and more like something I would have done a few years back - today I would have normally worn a cropped shirt or sweater over it and skipped the belt, I think that would have helped keep it from looking too 2012-ish.


  1. Katie, have you tried the safety pin trick on your static-forming clothes? I put a pin on the inside hem where it tends to move and build up static, like on the bottom hem of a skirt where it brushes up against my leg. The metal is constantly diffusing the electricity onto my body instead of building up. Now I rarely have a massive, lightning bolt discharge of electricity during low humidity.
    This was the best trick I was taught when I moved to colder climes.
    Best, Anne On.

    1. I've never heard of that trick but I am going to try it now! Thank you so much! We have almost zero humidity during the winter up here and the struggle against static is real. :P


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