Thursday, November 10, 2016

Work Shirt

Free People Hat
Columbia Sportswear Leather Jacket (birthday gift)
Pendleton Wool Button Up (thrifted)
Jones Cashmere Tee (thrifted)
7FAMK Jeans (consignment)
Jeffrey Campbell Boots (ebay)

My work wear doesn't always make it to the blog, mostly because it gets filthy, but this is one of my trusty work shirts. It's vintage Pendleton and is so warm but being 100% wool, it is scratchier than all get out! I always have to wear and under layer because it drives me totally insane but it's so sturdy and warm that I just keep it. (It's also pretty cute in my book.) This is a really simple outfit, these jeans have seen much better days and are probably on their last legs but I am trying really hard not to replace anything now until it totally falls apart.

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