Friday, November 25, 2016

Peace To All

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Hey al, hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

It's both the most dreaded day of the year for most retail worker, rude/sleep-deprived/angry customers and days that often start on Thanksgivings but at the same time, it's also time for dat overtime. No matter if you are out shopping today or staying at home chilling or like many of us,  have to go to work and don't get a four day weekend,  please be sure to treat retail and food service workers with kindness and respect. I am a big believer that everyone should have to work retail or food service at least once in their lives in only to create a little empathy and realization that those people are not everyone's' stress-relief squishy balls. (I have so many horror stories form my time in the trenches as do many!)  While I realize this sounds pretty preachy, it is. I don't talk politics on this blog because it's a nice place to have away from all of this but some of the huge issues this year were class, racism and elitism(along with many other dire issues) and the biggest place you can see that is in retail and food service.  It is rough out there and many are in the working poor which the US Census classifies as 1 in 3 families. (In a disturbing trend, it is at it's highest that it's been in 20 years.) Which please, is not the same as not having enough money to buy another large screen tv that month - it means many people work hard and struggle, bring in just enough money to pay rent and bills with nothing for food.  If, and I am not saying this to shame anyone, if you are feeling stuck and afraid during this election season because of the results and would like to take meaningful action, please considering donating time or money to The Food Bank.  There's many great charities out there but this one has been really overlooked in favor of Planned Parenthood and many other great operations.  Sometimes the most impactful thing on a person is just being able to have food and it makes such a great differences in children's lives.  In American 1 out of 5 kids goes hungry and guess what, many come from the working poor.   In Alaska, the amount of people needing assistance from the Food Bank has skyrocketed and is greater than it was during the Recession of 2007, this is common all over the US. 

Have a great start to the Holiday season everyone, it is a time of joy, kindness and empathy towards our fellow man and that seems like one of the greatest things that could come out of this contentious election year. We can be better, we can make it better and the best way to create real change is KINDNESS TOWARDS EACH OTHER, especially if it is someone you find hard to care for. It is easy to love those like us, it takes real heart to love those you cannot agree with and it starts with small actions and love towards each other. Have a great Christmas season all, Americans have great hearts and what better time to start healing the fissures in our country than now?


  1. Love your thoughts on donating to a Food Bank. So important to help others less fortunate than we are. Great looking mittens!!!

    1. The Food Bank is a really near and dear thing to me and I always try to donate time or money - it makes such a difference in lives and the community. Thank you for your thoughts, it really is important to have compassion and to help others less fortunate. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!


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