Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lighten Up

Free People Hat
Fred Meyer Scarf
Helmut Lang Jacket (ebay)
Anne Klein Cashmere Sweater (quite old now)
J.Crew Silk Maxi (ebay)
Acne "Donna" Boots (ebay)
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

I hadn't really thought to wear a sweater over this maxi before and I love it - not only is it quite a bit warmer but I also just really like how this dress looks as a skirt.  I love the plum (it is plum in rl, it's a tricky color to capture in pictures) and wearing it with grey and black makes a nice departure from all black in the winter.  I don't know why I lean towards darker outfits in the cold, I swing way to the other side in the summer, but I do know I like how dramatic darker outfits can look without being too in your face.
I thrifted this cashmere sweater about five years ago and have almost worn it into the ground since them - enough so that I've had to repair several holes! It is such a nice cashmere, very thick and has only gotten softer with washing.  I actually don't eve hand wash this one, I put it in a laundry bag into cold water on gentle and them drape it over a rack to dry and have never had to deal with any shrinkage.  It's just super hardy and I wish I could find more sweaters like it.  I am lucky enough to find Costo Cashmere sweater (Kirkland brand) quite often at the thrift store and while they are always in colors I don't really like, baby pink, weird green, they are awesome for pjs.  I joke sometimes that I'm such a baller that I wear cashmere sweaters to bed - this worked until my boss told me she has cashmere leggings for pjs!  (I have seen them, they are as thick as the wool pants of the 50s.  I want a pair so badly.) 

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