Sunday, November 27, 2016

It's A Wood Pile!

Fred Meyer Hat and Gloves
Wool Sweater (thrifted - made in Juneau, Alaska)
North Face Fleece (very, very old)
Helmut Lang Tank (ebay)
J.Brand Maria Jeans (ebay)
Ugg Clog Boots (thrifted)

Sometimes I get lucky and find really amazing handmade sweaters in the men's section of the thrift store.  Usually those come home for my husband but this was one of the sweater that I ended up taking back from him.  It's huge so it doesn't really fit under jackets but I normally wear a few layers under and treat it as a coat, it's so heavy that it works!  This day I layered my ancient North Face zip up under it and stayed pretty toasty. I never really break out of my comfort zone with this sweater, normally styling it with black jeans like I have here.  I really am a one trick pony!

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  1. That sweater is great! I have been wanting a nice oversize sweater, I never thought to check the men's section!


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