Friday, November 4, 2016

High Mountain Pass

H&M Hat and Jacket
Free People Dress (ebay) over Old Navy Dress (2013)
Rag and Bone "Margot' Boots (ebay)
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

Wearing a bunch of my favorite things, this jacket is just amazing and fun to wear. I love the cut and it just looks so Rick Owens-ish to me, so far it seems to be pretty good quality. I will say I was a little surprised at how small H&M seemed to run, I tried in the 6 in store and the shoulders were so tight, normally I wear a 4 in jacket just to get the 14 inch shoulder measurement but not this time! The only other size in store was a 2 or a 12 or I tried on the 12, pretty sure it would be huge in the shoulders but as you can see, it's actually pretty good, just big enough that I can wear a couple layers underneath but not too large in the shoulders. I suppose I'd say that for people unhappy with vanity sizing, go to H&M! And since I'm talking about it, does anyone else feel a little weird when apparently everyone and their mother is completely sized out of Old Navy, saying they usually wear like a 10 or 12 but no, they tried on the 2 at ON and even those were too large? Guess what, I still wear the exact same size in jeans at Old Navy that I wore 11 years ago. Same. Exact. Size. I'm even a few pounds under what I was back then (although not nearly in as good of shape!) and now I feel like I'm some sort of abnormal blob who still wears an 8 or maybe a6 there. (the butt, man, those jeans just are not cut for the butt anymore.) Anyone else like this or is it really only me that is not seeing the vanity sizing in the jeans that everyone on the internet and in real life seems to be having a problem with? (Not knocking people who are sized out but I really think stretchy  jeans have done a lot of this - remember how stiff denim was back in the day? It was struggle to get into pants and them they were just so stiff! There's a big difference between jeans with no give and jeans that will stretch  another 10 inches.)

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