Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Cold Snap

Free People Hat
Vince Sweater (ebay)
All Saints Wrap Sweater (ebay)
Old Navy Long Sleeve Tee (2013)
AEO High Waist Jeans
Eddie Buaer Leather Boots (thrifted)

It's a little hard to see the details on this sweater thanks to the dim light and well, there being a lot of black and navy in the outfit (more like 100%!) but it's got this really great wrap-around detail. I do wish I hadn't worn these boots, they looked good in the mirror but I'm not really sure that they do work now that I'm looking at the photos. I think maybe a shorter shaft boot would have looked a little better proportion wise but at least they were warm.
Excuse my goofy faces, it was a little chilly and my eyes kept watering like crazy.  The first time the temps dip into the low teens and single digits is almost worst that going below zero, at east by that time we are use to it but man, that first dip always feels brutal.

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