Friday, November 18, 2016

Black, Blue and Red


Fred Meyer Scarf, Cap and Gloves
All Saints Leather Jacket (ebay)
Anne Klein Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Helmut Lang Top (ebay) and Leather Leggings (ebay)
Fake Suede Boots (thrifted a few years ago)
Pendleton Wool Bag ( consignment)

This bag gets up away during the summer because of it's very wintery vibes but it's always a treat to pull it back out again.  the strap is just long enough to wear cross body ( which is usually a must with me, I have put down so many short-strapped bags and then forgotten them at places) and it's very sturdy so I can load it up!  Haha, I wish I was joking about the last part but my husband jokes that I do carry around the kitchen sink in my bags - the jokes on him, one day, I will need that sink!  I suppose that's part of having kids however, everything get stuck in your bag, Bionicles, light sabers, pony/dog/kid treats,  art stuff and tons of books. I suppose the keys are in there as well, stuck on the very bottom.

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