Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Quiet The Beast

Muubaa Leather Jacket
Scarf (consignment)
Theory Cardigan (consignment)
Target Maxi (thrifted)
Dolce Vita Boots (thrifted)
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

I hardly ever find boots at either the thrift store or the consignment shop - I wear a size 9 and sometimes size up to a 10 for winter boots (wool socks take up a lot of room!) and apparently all of the people getting rid of their shoes have size 7 feet. Le sigh. Every now and then however, I get lucky and these boots were one of those lucky times. I spotted them on the rack, mentally prepared myself for the size 7 sticker on the bottom and was excited to find they were a 9. I have been really into heavier boots for the past few years but sometimes have trouble finding ones with shaft circumferences that will fit my legs. These are adjustable and the have a split shaft so they also roll down - super cute!

I've gotten a decent amount of wear out of this Target maxi, it's pretty sturdy for being from a fast fashion brand and best of all, I don't have to baby it at all in the wash, just toss it in! Being a plain black maxi, it's also really versatile, I've worn it with fringe heels, denim jacket, clogs, leather jackets and boots.

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