Wednesday, October 19, 2016

No Recalls Please

 This is my "don't you DARE knock over my tripod again" look to the dog....

Trouve Leather Jacket (ebay)
AEO Embroidered Shirt
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (2013)
Report Leather Boots (thrifted - 2013)
Free People Bag (ebay)

Some old favorites with some new favorites - I've almost always had a pair of red leather pants in my wardrobe (I don't know why) and these Rag and Bone ones are so great. These boots were also an old thrifting score and while I don't wear them a ton now, I need to because I forgot how well the silhouette works with everything. (Haha, I probably have too many boots....) Embroidery was a big deal this year and seeing as it's one of my favorite things, I was really happy to see such a large selection. Trends are funny that way, you might go for a long time before anything really speaks to you and then all at once, everything is awesome and you stock up and then next year you look dated. But who cares, hopefully it's all stuff you love! I know it's that way for me, I love draping, embroidery and velvet, not to mention high rise and I'm always happy when it's on trend. Speaking of which, I am noticing way more low rise jeans in stores now with one or two high rise options. Is High rise going out?!!! Time to panic because this butt cannot be contained by low rise.....
I say this of course when wearing mid-rise pants but hey, there's a world of difference between low and midrise.  specially, it's the difference between not going back to the days of plumber's butt and whale-tales.  Remember those?  That is one of the few things I REALLY don't want to come back.  Pants were so uncomfortable for me during that time because they hardly fit and I HAD to wear belts no matter what.

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