Monday, October 10, 2016

Look Back Over Your Shoulder

Gardening Hat (old)
Paige Denim Jacket (thrifted)
winter Kate Dress (ebay)
Old Navy Sandals

Unfortunately, the weather did not magically spring backwards into summer, rather, these pictures were taken about a month ago at the start of September. September was such a busy month with school, work and all of the stuff that goes into getting ready for winter that I slacked off quite a bit with the blogging and this pictures was one of the ones that did not get posted. I do really like the outfit however, just a denim jacket, a maxi and some sandals but it was an easy outfit. This jacket is crazy soft, I bought it to replace my other jacket that was just a little too big for me in the shoulders. It sounds like a small thing but I've started to realize how important fit in the shoulders is and what a big difference it can make for jackets. I found this one at the thrift store for $3.99 and it ended up being perfect for me proportion wise and as a bonus, so soft!

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