Monday, October 31, 2016

Sith Don't Use Handbags

H&M Jacket
Helmut Lang Jacket (ebay)
Rick Owens Maxi Cardigan (ebay)
Winter Kate Dress (ebay - turned inside out)
Seychelles Boots
Coach Leather Bag (consignment)

Happy Halloween! 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ring Wraithing It Up


Free People Hat and Bag (ebay)
Helmut Lang Coat (consignment)
Rick Owens Cardigan (ebay) and Rick Owens Lilies Dress (thrifted)
Ecote Boots
Scarf made by me

The latest in Ring Wraith chic but whoa, is this cardigan amazing.  I've been looking for a long cardigan for a while and had not found anything that really fit what I was thinking of in my mind. (That thing where you can picture the perfect garment in your head but can never find it in real life.) Then I found this one, put in the low bid and waited, pretty sure other people would jump on and it would go out of my range.  I was so excited when I ended up being the only bidder and got this for so cheap!  I was joking with Ev after I was able to go into Nordstrom's Rack in Anchorage that Ebay and thrifting has ruined me for retail shopping, even looking at the lowest prices on some things I was still was like, "nope, can find it on ebay for 10% of that!"

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Full Moon

Gap Sweater (gift)
Old Navy Leggings
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)

I know people go crazy for those fancey, $100 leggings but man, you can't go wrong with the Old Navy leggings! They are not see through and they last - this pair is from when I was doing Roller Derdy and lasted through many, many spills without ripping and currently are my running leggings. They have a tiny bit of wear but for being almost 3 years old and having a lot of use, that is soild. (I did buy a new pair to alernate with these and this year's version seems to be just as good.)

This was just a running-the-kids-to-the-bus-stop outfit, nothing exciting and yeah, I know, LEGGINGS TO THE BUS STOP, happens. I love these boots so much, I wear them so often and they are just awesome boots. I bought a pair of Isabel Marant boots a little bit ago and white they look really nice, I was shocked by how the qualitly really was not there. They retail for the same price as Rag and Bone and to be honest, Rag and Bone is by far the better brand. I wear my flat boots all of the time and I've been really happy with the Margots and the Harrows. I have not bought any of them for retail prices, I can usually find them on ebay for around 1/6-1/10 of the orgianal prices with some patience.

Friday, October 28, 2016

In The Shadows of Mountains

H&M Jacket and Hat
Scarf made by me
Madison and Berkeley Sweater (consignment)
JBrand "Maria" Jeans (ebay)
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)
Anthropologie Bag (Birthday gift)

We are back from our short vacation in Anchorage, it was mostly a quick trip to see family and we'd all been really looking forward to it.  (Man, it felt like such a luxury to spend a few nights in a hotel!) We had a great time visiting and the dry roads this late in the year (not to mention dramatically warmer temps in Anchorage) really made it enjoyable.  It was also nice to see mountains again - Fairbanks/North Pole are in a very large valley surrounded by ridges and it takes a little bit of a drive to get back into the Alaska Range and the Kuskokwim Range.  We can see them, just not very well and after growing up on the coast, I do miss the mountains at times.  However, it's also nice not being blocked off from the rest of the world or having the electricity go out for weeks during the winters due to avalanches!
I did forget about how slippery anchorage can be compared to Fairbanks and brought my slipperiest shoes possible, I can't believe I didn't bit the ice at all!  The boots are great but they have such a flat, slippery sole with zero traction.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Misty Woods

Free People Hat
Helmut Lang Coat (ebay)
Winter Kate Silk Dress (ebay)
Isabel Marant Boots (ebay)
Anthropologie Bag (Birthday gift)

Look at all of that white stuff on the ground! This past weekend we drove down to Anchorage from Fairbanks, a 350 mile trip. I was a little shocked to see that Healy had hardly any snow, only about a sprinkles worth while Wasilla and Anchorage had about five inches - it's normal for Anchorage to get quite a bit more snowfall that up in the Interior of Alaska but they've had a few really dry years (after a year of record snowfall) and this is the second time we've driven down in the winter and experienced fairly dry roads with no snow coverage.

This was a pull-over stop so everyone could stretch a little, the drive normally is about 6-7 hours, assuming it's not road construction season (aka summer) and we were all ready to run around a little. The kids are really good little road trippers but those stops are really important for the peace in the car. This was such a beautiful little spot by the creek and with the newly fallen snow, Ev was sweet enough to take pictures for me. These came out so pretty even with my damaged lens, he did a really good job!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Free People Hat
Old Navy Coat (2011)
Isabel Marant Entoile Blouse(ebay) and Boots (ebay)
Anthropologie Bag (Birthday gift)
Scarf made by me

Oh man, it was SO cold and windy, I kept grabbing my hat to keep it from flying off. With my luck, it would have blown right into the river, hundreds of feet below. This Old Navy coat is another old favorite that hasn't seen much action lately but it's also one that has made it past many closet clean outs. I love the sharp silhouette and I feel like the little bit darker color helps tame the pattern down. (Izzy has been wanting a leopard printed coat for a while and normally steals this one but the other day I found a Gap one, in fantastic shape, in her size, at Value Village. It's pretty amazing and she was so excited - we actually ended up accidently matching this day in our coats, black jeans and white tops. Not bad, usually the seven year old is more stylish than I!)