Thursday, September 29, 2016

Would You Know My Name

Helmut Lang Leather Jacket (ebay) and Skirt (ebay)
Theory Cardigan (consignment)
Lucky Brand Blouse (consignment)
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)
Fred Meyer Scarf
Jeffery Campbell Boots (ebay)

These are not new boots, these are the fringe one I bought in 2014 but after not wearing most of last winter, I realized it was because I felt like they were a little "too much." By that I mean, I usually use a fringe bag and have a lot of elements to my outfits and sometimes a fringe boots is just too much on top of all of it. I cut all of the fringe off and yup, like them way better now. They have a really sleek profile and are comfortable for all day wear so I know I'm going to reach for them quite a bit more from now on.

The scarf might be over kill but we'd gone to see a movie and I always freeze in theaters so I usually take a large blanket scarf because hey, it's nice to have a blanket! (If only theaters rented out Snuggies or something...)


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