Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Slowly Falling

Helmut Lang Jacket (consigment)
Free People Dress (ebay) over Intimint Dress (thrifted)
Free People Clogs

Well, long time no blog. No real excuses for it aside from having been busy - I am really ready for everything to start slowing down a little here in the next few weeks! These pictures are from about a week ago, since then it's just been rainy and cold. The first frost has come and gone, killing off our corn and most of the veggies in the garden. We did managed to harvest our tomatoes and cabbages before the frost but everything else hadn't quite finished - our corn was pretty tiny still!

This dress, ugh, I love it so much but everything catches in the lace! I keep having to pull little sticks out of the bottom but it's such a pretty and fun dress to wear that I always manage to "forgot" about what a pain it can be.

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  1. My veggies are still going, but the garden has become so overgrown I can barely get to it anymore! That is a really pretty dress :)


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