Thursday, September 15, 2016

Going Down To The River

Vince Leather Sleeve Sweater (ebay)
Old Navy Long Sleeve Tee (2013)
Helmut Land Skirt (ebay)
Dooney and Burke Bag (thrifted, 2013)
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)

The past week has been a mixture of warm day and chilly, need-to-wear-tights mornings. As you can see, all of the leave are changing color and so far, most of them are still on the trees! Most of the time it seems like they'll change and then poof, next day everything's on the ground.

I bought this Vince sweater during the summer and have really been looking forward to wearing it this winter, the sleeves add a great bit of texture and I like how the navy blue keeps a mostly-all-black outfit from looking too dark. I also finally gave in and wore boots, I'm not really sure if I am ready to let sandal season go however. Once the boots are on, it's another 8 months before spring...

On anther note, only a few weeks ago this entire staircase was under water, all the way up to the flower boxes which are another flight up! It's kind of crazy looking at it now to realize how much flooding was going on at the time.


  1. Ooh I am wishing for autumn weather so bad! It's still like, 90 degrees here :( The colors in these photos are so pretty.


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