Monday, August 1, 2016

Scarf It

Urban Outfitters Hat
Old Navy Scarf (birthday gift) and Sandals (last years but restocked this year)
Free People Dress (ebay)
Ecote Bag
Valentino Glasses (gift - consignment)

My in-laws were super sweet and gave me a gift card to ON for my birthday this year. It was really genourous and I found a few really beautiful scarves - this being one of them.(Thank you so much!)  Old Navy's scarf game has been so on this year, this one is really thick and large but it's linen, cotton and a bit of acrylic and is light weight and pretty cool for the warmer days. The black and white really works with my wardrobe, my maxis are either really colorful or black/white so this works with EVERYTHING.

On another note,the kids clothes SO CUTE there! I usually go right to the back where the children's stuff is stocked and I could have easily spent the whole thing right there, the little girl's stuff is so adorable.  School is starting back up in a few weeks and we usually do our back-to-school clothing shopping there just because my kids really like the ON jeans and Gunnar likes the different graphic tees. There's also not a ton of choices in our town, even though Fairbanks is the second largest city in Alaska, it's also in the literal middle of nowhere with the largest city, Anchorage, being 350 miles to the south and then the only towns (very, very small) are either Delta one way or Healy there othere. Railcars or trucks are the main transport for goods so even though Fairbanks is the largest concentration of people in the Interior of Alaska, it's also very small at the same time. We have Fred Meyers, Walmart, Sears, Old Navy, American Eagle (had Aero before they left) Torrid, Urban Vibe, a few local owned outdoor wear stores, REI, Sportmans, Value Village and a few independent clothing boutiques/two consigment shops. It's not a huge selection, although it feels like it after living in Seward! (Two places to buy clothes, the thrift store and a outdoorwear/workwear store that closed almost 20 years ago, not inculding the tourist tee/sweaters sold at souvenir shops. That's the typical shopping experience for most Alaskan towns!) I do most of my shopping at VV, a consignment shop, and buy a few things from AEO and Old Navy - the rest is usually through ebay which has spoiled me for good prices! Joie maxis for under $11? Hard to pass that up!

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