Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pass By

AEO Hat, Bag and Jacket
Forever21 Dress
Clogs (consignment)

I wore this a few weeks ago (wow, that blew by!) to a rodeo. I received tickets through work for the Farthest North Rodeo which ended up being a huge amount of fun. I would not normally wear a maxi dress to a rodeo because the grounds are usually pretty dusty but our new rodeo grounds by the old horse arena and is mostly paved - pretty okay for a long dress. It was a fun afternoon right before school started, right now everything is pretty busy with all of the back to school activities and work picking back up.   Not to mention all of the winter preparation - making sure we have enough wood for the winter, insulating the water pipes, fixing the roof, never ending car maintenance poor Ev's replaced most of the front end on my car over this summer!) I've been a slack blogger but I'll try to pick back up again.

This dress I bought last spring at the F21 in Anchorage - exactly the second time I'd ever been inside of a F21! I've mentioned before that Fairbanks does not have a huge amount of clothing stores - aside from outdoor gear, tons of those - so it's always fun to go to Anchorage and be blown away by all of the choices. I really like this dress and while the fabric isn't the best, it's held up fairly well.

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