Monday, August 22, 2016

Old Favorites

Helmut Lang Jacket (consignment)
Free People Tunic (consignment)
Hue Leggings (consignment)
Ecote Boots
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

Aside from my boots and accessories, everything in this outfit is second hand. By this point, I'd say that's pretty good representation of my closet, most if my clothes are second hand either through thrifting, consignment shopping of good old ebay and most of my accessories are store bought. It's fairly rare for me to buy shoes from a store, I've been lucky enough to find most of mine second hand as well, or brand new on ebay, a serious money saver when it comes to nicer shoes.

These leggings are my fall back on rainy days, they don't get wet at all! Trust me, I've tried - the water just rolls right off them. I haven't worn these boots a ton this past year,  I wore my Rag and Bone ones most of last winter and gave these suede version a break.  They are a little worn but still going strong.

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