Friday, August 5, 2016

Lazy Bohemian

UO Hat
Free People Kimono (2013) and Sandals (ebay)
Initmint Maxi (thrifted)
American Eagle Bag

Yeah, I feel right back into that rut. It doesn't help that my camera was knocked off the table by the dog (my fault, shouldn't have put it there!) and the lens was just slightly bent. It works as ong as the appeture isn't super low but it's just a bit fuzzy. Unfortunately, it costs the same to repair as it would for a new one so I need to suck it up and use this one for a while. The spring of 2013 was a bad one for lens, I think I broke 2, so I told myself at the time I needed to get at least four years out of this before I could buy another one in an effort to be more careful. ( year to go) I'm a little mad at myself but hey, it still sort of works.

This maxi is my version of sweatpants or leggings, it is JUST SO SOFT. I threw on a kimono I hadn't worn in a while to jazz it up a little and then wore all of the jewelry.  

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  1. Oh wow I just love all your rings! So pretty. Sorry to hear that your camera took a tumble. :( I whacked my lens once on a door frame and my camera got super messed up, but then after a few weeks it randomly fixed itself, it was so weird!


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