Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A New Kind Of Camo

Not a bad bit of camouflage if I do say so! This dress just blends right on in with the changing leaves - I bought it at the start of the summer and even though I rarely wear empire waist dresses, I found a few this summer that I do really love. This dress however is one of my favorites and I can't believe I haven't taken photos of it yet, I usually wear it once a week because it is so comfortable. The print is also really striking to me, I don't normally wear a loud floral print but man, this bright one with the black background just really gets me. I am not normally very creative when I wear this dress, usually just a denim jacket and tada!

Valentino sunglasses (gift, consignment)
Buffalo by David Dress (consignment)
Target Sandals (thrifted)
Paige Danim Jacket (thrifted)

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  1. It really is a gorgeous print and looks so nice on you! Wear it as often as you can... xo


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