Thursday, July 28, 2016

Spell Is Broken

Free People Hat and Bag (birthday gift)
Old Navy Dress and Sandals
Spell Designs Kimono

I said I was going to try wearing my kimonons more often and I meant it. :) I also meant to keep trying to wear this ON dress, I bought it a few years ago when simple, black dresses were few and far between but something was always just a bit off about it. I hated to not get my money's worth out of it and just kept trying to wear it but now that I've realized it's the combonation of the waist riding up to become an empire waist and the skirt looks like an odd leangth next to that and on my own proportions. Knowing this, I think I'm just going to donate it, it's not a favorite at all and black, simple dresses are quite a bit easier to find now!

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