Friday, July 15, 2016

Like A Wave


UO Hat
Silk Kimono (thrifted, 2014)
Gypsy05 Maxi (consignment)
Old Navy Sandals
Ecote Suede Bag

Breaking out a few older items like this kimono and my fringe Ecote bag, I bought this silk kimono a couple years ago and I still have no idea what brand it is, the writing is impossible to read! Sloppy cursive, is there anything worse? Of course, considering how many kids don't even know how to write or read cursive writing now that it's not taught in school, I suppose it doesn't matter that much.  

I really liked how these colors all came together, the slate blue is so pretty and the ombre on the dress almost looks like breaking waves. I also don't normally buy Old Navy shoes because I don't like synthetic materials but I liked the style of these so much and kept thinking and thinking about them and eventually gave in. I still wear the pair I bought last summer and seeing as I really wanted a similar pair in light brown, these have worked out perfectly.


  1. soooo beautiful outfit! and pics are pretty!

    Teen fashion corner

  2. I like all of those beautiful blues together! As always, in major envy of your amazing jewelry collection ... :)


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