Friday, July 8, 2016


UO Hat
AEO Scarf (2012)
Winter Kate Dress (thrifted)
Miu Miu Heels (ebay)
Prozena Schoulder Bag (consignment)
Leather Belt (thrifted)

Burberry's runways shows a little while back some really cool things with scarves belted over maxis and since then I've been meaning to try it. I really love the look and while it is easy to get really fussy with it, this light weight scarf and the maxi ended up being a chill outfit. I love this dress so much but because of the vintage silk it's made from, it's very fragile. It's cut on the bias and is gorgeous but I can see some spots where the silk it's starting t wear thin and is pulling a little at the seams. I try to be careful when I wear it because it would be a hard dress to replace, I've only seen it come up on ebay once in this color and never in my size.

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