Tuesday, July 26, 2016

All the Jewelry

UO Hat
Winter Kate Silk Kimono (ebay)
Slip Tank
Free People Skirt (ebay)
Ecote Bag
Old Navy Sandals

This is a really simple outfit aside from all of the jewelry. I piled it on because it felt like it was missing a little something extra and you know what, I like it. Moar Jewelry! (Zero minimalist tendencies here....) I know I've been wearing these sandals a ton, they are from last year but it seams ON put them out again this year and they really are not bad sandals for the price - I am really hard on my shoes and tend to wear them out quickly, especially sandals, but these have held up fairly well. Speaking of holding up well, this hat from Urban Outfitters is on it's 3rd year of almost daily wear and it is still going strong! Considering it was $34, I think I have the cost per wear down to pennies now. I love to wear hats and while I have a few hats that were initially more expensive (although I only paid clearance prices) I can't say I see a huge amount of difference in quality. I know, blasphemy! My American Eagle and Urban Outfitter hats have held up just as well as the Lovely Bird ones so my advice for someone just looking to get into the hat game, don't pay a ton of money. It's a little awkward getting use to wearing hats and you may find you don't like them so I would say buy a hat in the $30-$40 range from one of those two places before splurging and spending hundreds of $. Old Navy hats are okay, but they do lose their shape and the felt wool is not as nice. Free people hats are usually my favorite but you can find clearance ones for $29.

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