Friday, July 29, 2016

Old Habits Die Hard


UO Hat
Helmut Lang Leather Jacket (consignment)
Joie Silk Top (consignment)
Ming Maxi (thrifted)
Free People Clogs
Ecote Bag

Aaaaand I'm back to the leather jacket, go figure. These past few weeks it's been raining like crazy, our pond is just an inch from overflowing! I hope it doesn't, it flooded back in 2014 and my entire garden died. This year the garden's been doing really well and I'll be so upset if it all dies.

Crazy levels of rainfall aside, It was just chilly enough that I needed to break the jacket back out again. It is my favorite jacket of all time so I'm not too sad about that, the cropped length is so perfect with maxis and high rise jeans that it's pretty easy just to throw on.  I also have to say I have  really hard time passing up silk Joie tops for $6 - that's meant to be in my book!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Spell Is Broken

Free People Hat and Bag (birthday gift)
Old Navy Dress and Sandals
Spell Designs Kimono

I said I was going to try wearing my kimonons more often and I meant it. :) I also meant to keep trying to wear this ON dress, I bought it a few years ago when simple, black dresses were few and far between but something was always just a bit off about it. I hated to not get my money's worth out of it and just kept trying to wear it but now that I've realized it's the combonation of the waist riding up to become an empire waist and the skirt looks like an odd leangth next to that and on my own proportions. Knowing this, I think I'm just going to donate it, it's not a favorite at all and black, simple dresses are quite a bit easier to find now!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

All Tied Up

Free People Hat (gift)
Silk Scarf (thrifted)
Old Navy Tank (2013)
Rag and Bone Leather Shorts (ebay)
House of Harlow Sandals (ebay)
Dooney and Burke Bucket Bag (thrifted)

I did have a post all typed up but...deleted it thanks to being all thumbs.  Ugh.
Anyways, the point of it was that I am trying to break out of my maxi dress/skirt rut - I find that if given the choice, I'll almost always reach for a maxi over a shorter skirt or shorts. Maxi dresses are the ultimate in comfort to me but I can't wear them ALL the time. (Although I apparently try to.) I prefer wearing these shorts with tights because I really, really like the look of shorts over tights (I know, I'm so uncool) and these always look so awesome with boots. These sandals are still a favorite pair, they are pretty over the top with all of the fringe but I love them so much. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

All the Jewelry

UO Hat
Winter Kate Silk Kimono (ebay)
Slip Tank
Free People Skirt (ebay)
Ecote Bag
Old Navy Sandals

This is a really simple outfit aside from all of the jewelry. I piled it on because it felt like it was missing a little something extra and you know what, I like it. Moar Jewelry! (Zero minimalist tendencies here....) I know I've been wearing these sandals a ton, they are from last year but it seams ON put them out again this year and they really are not bad sandals for the price - I am really hard on my shoes and tend to wear them out quickly, especially sandals, but these have held up fairly well. Speaking of holding up well, this hat from Urban Outfitters is on it's 3rd year of almost daily wear and it is still going strong! Considering it was $34, I think I have the cost per wear down to pennies now. I love to wear hats and while I have a few hats that were initially more expensive (although I only paid clearance prices) I can't say I see a huge amount of difference in quality. I know, blasphemy! My American Eagle and Urban Outfitter hats have held up just as well as the Lovely Bird ones so my advice for someone just looking to get into the hat game, don't pay a ton of money. It's a little awkward getting use to wearing hats and you may find you don't like them so I would say buy a hat in the $30-$40 range from one of those two places before splurging and spending hundreds of $. Old Navy hats are okay, but they do lose their shape and the felt wool is not as nice. Free people hats are usually my favorite but you can find clearance ones for $29.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Spell Designs

UO Hat
Spell Designs Kimono and Skirt
AEO Top (2013)
Free People Sandals

I really haven't been pulling out my kimonos as much this summer, I just keep reaching for either my denim jacket or my leather one. I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone however and get back into the swing of things, after all, summer is the time for kimonos! Knowing me, this just means I'll start wearing them when the temps outside drop back down to -50F. This is a lot going on with this outfit and I'm not sold on it all together, it's a lot to take in and might be just a bit too much with the kimono.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Not A Twist

F21 Hat
Free People Dress (ebay)
American Eagle Bag
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Old Navy Sandals
Valentino Sunglasses(gift - consignment)

I've had this dress for a while but it feels like such a summery dress that I mentally put it away until summer, only to realize I prefer my maxi dresses and skirts. Go figure, I find a gorgeous dress with bueatiful embroidery for almost nothing and then it turns out I've out-grown my short dress phase. I suppose I've out-grown it anways, I rarely reach for them aside from the winter but maybe that's because short dresses, leather jackets, tights and ankles boots look so good!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blueberries and Fish

Winter Kate Kimono (ebay)
Free People Maxi
Steve Madden Heels (2013, ebay)
Balenciaga Purse (ebay, Birthday gift)

 Another day, another maxi dress. I just repairs a pile a clothes I'd been meaning to get around to for some time and this dress was on the list. The last time I wore it a large hole tore right above the ruffle, partly due to the weight of the dress being too much for the delicate material and I'd kept putting off repairing it. I finally got around to it and really glad I did so, it's such a pretty dress. I like that I can wear the neckline a couple different ways, most of the time I tie the strings behind in a v but this time I wore it as a strapless dress. I also realized I'd been neglecting my kimonos like a crazy person, they're what I'd been waiting all winter for!

I've been picking blueberries like a crazy person this past week and a half - they came a little early tis year and are plentiful, much better than last year's crop.  Blueberries from the Interior of Alaska are actually the best Blueberries in the world and quite a few people make the trip each year just to pick our berries.  They. Are. Amazing. We've done pretty well and have gotten a little over 5 gallons and I'm waiting of the next round of berries to ripen up, hopefully I can pick another two gallons and we'll be set for winter.  We were able to almost catch our entire limit of salmon this year which is excellent for the state of our freezer.  Another fun fact, Cooper River Silver an King Salmon are the best in the world - I swear, when we flay ours out the fish look so amazing that you could eat them raw right on the spot!  That sounds gross but these fish are THAT GOOD.  We have to dip net them out of the Cooper River in Chitina which is super dangerous, the river rushes through a small canyon and has so much power and silt in it that it just drags things right to the bottom.  We always have to tie off when we fish and we usually fish in shifts so someone can stay at the (safe) camp with the kids.  Hopefully this year we can also catch either a moose or a caribou, meat is so expensive but the time it finally makes it's way to the tore shelves in Fairbanks that it makes a huge difference in our grocery bill if we can catch ours.  Plus, moose tastes s much better than cow!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Good Hair Days Are Awesome

Free People Hat, Clog (ebay) and Dress(ebay)
Denim Jacket (thrifted)
Cleobella Leather Bag

I haven't used this bag in quite a while, the strapps on both sides finally  gave out and I had to do a bit of sewing to get them to look decent again. I looove this bag, I mean, it's so gorgeous  and the beading is really nicely done but I've been so dispointed in the quality overall.  I've resewn the straps a couple of times now and while I did use this bag heavily for the first year I had it, I've back off using it this past year because I was so worried about it falling apart. Ugh, I hate it when stuff like that happens!

This lace dress is turning into one of my favorites, I don't usually like a empire waist but in this case, I really like how long of a line it makes. I feel so tall! (That might be the 3 inch heels, I'm only a few inches away from normal height with these, woot!)