Saturday, June 11, 2016

Thrifting Wins Again

Old Navy Tank
Isabel Marant Jeans (thrifted)
Free People Clogs and Bag(ebay)

The thrifting has been crazy good since the turn of the year. I use to have decent luck but this year, it's been on fire. I don't buy things every time I visit because not every trip is fruitful but I've also gotten pickier, putting things back even if they're beautiful things I like but can't see wearing a ton. This particular trip was not one of those however, I found a perfect pair of JBrand bellbottoms (for $6!) and pair of Acne high rise, straight leg pants (for $5!) and then I saw this print sticking out and thought, "well, it will either be a really cheap pair of pants or it's going to be Anthro", pulled them out and about had a heart attack! Isabel Marant star pants, in my size!

Execpt they run really small and even thought they were reaaaaaaly tight, my pride wouldn't let me put them back. They were $5! And Isabel Marant! I just needed to not eat! But it turns out I like eating so I took Ev's sujjestion to soak with the pants on in a hot bath and then wear the still wet pants for the day. It wasn't super comfy but it did streach them out quite a bit enouph that I could wear them the next day with no discomfort. (Well, I did have to sit through TMNT2, so there was discomfort. It was almost as misrable as the 4th Transformers or that new Captian America movie which I'm apperently the only person in the world who didn't like it, itwasa3hourfightsceneyouguysonlyTonyJaapullsthatoff.)

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