Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sun Dazed

AEO Hat and Bag
Free People Lace Dress (ebay)
Rag and Bone Heels (thrifted)

I looked at this dress for so long, maybe 2 years before I finally gave in and bought it - and that was because I found both the black and the beige being sold in a lot and won the starting bid at $19.99. That's about $10 a dress! I bought it a while back and with the temps being so high this past week finally took pictures of it, it's very light and breezy so perfect for 85F. I've also been really happy with this straw hat from AEO, I buy 1 or 2 hats from them a year and have always been really happy with how they hold up, comparable to my Free People hats for sure and since I usually buy them at clearance prices, they also cheaper. Win win in my book!

Missing from here is when I tripped and almost fell right on top of the dog, these shoes are always so trippy for some reason! Poor Dakota, the look on her face.

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