Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Break

Trouve Drape Front Leather Jacket (ebay)
Old Navy Tee (from 2013)
Rag and Bone Embroidered Jeans (ebay)
Free People Clogs
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

Hey, after a couple colorful outfits, an all-black one was sure to appear. I've worn these pants with this tee before, I usually like how they work together but I wasn't 100% feeling it today. After a weekend of really nice, hot weather, the past week has been cooler and windy but at least all of the rain's helped! Everything is really green now and after a few months of worrying about how unusually dry it was and the possibility of a bad fire year, it was nice to see the rain.  Last year was a rough one with a record amount of acres burnt and fire evacuations all along Chena Hot Springs Rd so I think everyone would like a reprieve from that this year.

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