Saturday, June 18, 2016

Party Birks!

Denim Jacket (thrifted)
Free People Tee (consignment) and Bag (ebay)
J.Brand Maria High Rise Jeans (ebay)
Silver Birks (ebay)

These are my party birks! I love my air of black birks and last summer started really wanting a pair of the silver birks, they just look SO cool. (I'll have to say, this is if you are a birks person - you either love them or hate them and no judging if you don't. We all have that one thing.) I really, really like how they look with black jeans, a tee and a denim jacket and that's exactly how I styled them this time around. The silver just looks so snazzy to me. :)

I've been trying to step up my hair game a little, since I chopped it all off and went with a pixie cut a few years ago, I've been pretty lazy. It's getting long now and while I like what's it's been doing with the natural wave, sometimes I feel like that's the easy way out. Turns out braids are a just as easy way out but looks like I put some effort in! I just braided two tails and then pinned them up top - takes less than a min.

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  1. Party birks! I love it. They are too cool! And your hair looks really cute like that!


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