Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Out Of The Comfort Zone

AEO Kimono Jacket
Old Navy Tank (older)
Free People Pants (thrifted) Bag (ebay) and Shoes

I'm really having fun playing around with different styles of pants this year. I like skinny jeans because they are just such an easy silhouette to work with (almost everything goes with them) but at the same time, it's fun to try different things. These cropped harem pants are pretty awesome because they're so far out of my normal comfort zone but at the same time, they weren't as difficult to style as I worried they might be when I grabbed them at the thrift store. Wearing them with a kimono jacket and my trusty ON tank was a easy first styling because it didn't feel too crazy for me but next time...

It's also a pretty chill outfit for me, I was doing a bunch of cleaning that day so it's just a puttering around the house outfit. I normally wear my hair down but since this is a style diary and I try to show what I actually wore that day, here's my hair in it's full bun glory. (It's not even a very good bun, sniff.) 

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