Saturday, June 25, 2016


Spell Designs Romper
Free People Clogs
Antik Batik x My Little Box Bag (ebay)

I didn't really mean to have a week in-between posts, car troubles and life sort of got in the way! It's been really beautiful this week so we've been at the beach a ton, soaking in all of that sunshine in that the Spring Solstice is over. Now we're on the downhill roll, we go from having almost 24hrs of light in the summer, which is amazing, to only 2 hours of light during the depths of the winter. That part is not so amazing so we really have to make the most of our summers up here. Fairbanks and North Pole are the nicest spots in Alaska for summers, it's quite a bit warmer than along the coastline, even lower in the state, and we have two really great, free to the public beaches, Tanana and then Chena Lakes - both are really lovely although we prefer Chena. It has lots of really shallow spots for kids, nice sand and tons of park which is something the Tanana Beach closer to Fairbanks lacks.

I haven't worn my Spell Designs romper a ton this summer which is something I need to fix, it's beautiful. I k now the restroom is always the first thing people bring up about rompers but really, it's not that much of a problem, buttons aren't that hard! The colors of this romper really work with a lot of things but I went simple with my clogs and then bright with an orange hat and a blue bag. Ha, so much for that all-black things, that must have been the winter talking...

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  1. I love that pattern! I am loving these long days, it's so nice waking up to daylight instead of darkness.


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