Thursday, June 9, 2016

Maxis Are Awesome For Short People

Michael Micheal Kors Blouse (consignment)
Free People Belt, Bag (ebay) and Clogs (ebay)
Anthropologie Skirt (thrifted)
Valentino Sunglasses (gift, consignment)

Look at who still hasn't lost her first, grown up pair of sunglasses? This person! I'd been looking at these beautiful sunglasses at the consigment store for 6 weeks, had tried them on many times and never bought them becuase 1)I don't pay more than $10 for a pair of sunglasses and 2)I can't have nice things, I always, always deystory my sunglasses within hours. Okay, the last part might be an exxageration, but not by much. But these ended up being a mother's day present and I like them so much, I'm always super careful about always putting them back in the case and putting the case in my bag. (Which might be why the lens arn't scratched to high hell by now...)

This dress is actually a blouse and a skirt - both second hand and both years apart at different stores but as soon as I found this top at the consignment store, I knew it would be a perfect match a almost all of my skirts.  I personally really like off-the-shoulder tops (cold shoulders not as much but I think it's something about the lines that gets me) and since my shoulders are one of my favorite parts, it was a instant favorite for me.  I bought this belt last year as well and since belts are a staple for me, it's gotten a bit of wear as well.  I'm 5'2, 135 and 37-27-40, which means all fashion advice says flowy tops, off the shoulder tops, maxi dresses and pretty much everything expect for 50-ish looks are considered off limits for my figure.  I really disagree with all of that and wear all of the above and I don't feel it looks that bad on me - I do have certain tricks to help which are high rise forever (which helps make me look a little taller and balances proportions, it also helps highlight my waist so I don't drown in fabric) belts (again for the not drowning in fabric) short sleeves most of the time for maxis to help balance out a little of skin showing and sharp shoulders on my jackets to bring  balance to flowy fabrics.   I don't know why maxis are considered terrible for short people, they are AMAZING for adding visual height, I think maxis are the one clothing items that can look great on all body types.  It's just a mater of finding the right fabric, the right structure of the dress and the right length.  Old Navy sells very cute maxis that work on a lot of body types, both jersey materials and thicker cotton ones. (I personally like cotton and slightly stiffer fabrics because a poor fit in a jersey dress will show everything.  Stiffer fabrics float over your body and for hot days, are also cooler.)  The only place I would suggest not buying a maxi dress from is the juniors department, they are cut slimmer through the hips, the waists are elastic and higher, the fabric is never as nice and they almost always have super trendy details.

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  1. I don't like spending more than 10 dollars on sunglasses either. I splurged recently and bought a pair for 18, yikes! I am super protective of them. I love this outfit on you! It is such a great breezy summer look.


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